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Seniors of CPS: Henry G.

Interview conducted by William C.

I see Henry in the library. His friends mob him and want to eavesdrop on the interview, so we retreat to a lounge near the quiet room. 

William: What’s something you’re passionate about?

Henry: Okay. I guess something that I’m really passionate about is Arc Browser. I think it’s a really great alternative to Chrome or Safari. And I think it’s something that everybody should use for sure. 

William: Why is it so much better than other browsers?

Henry: Well, one thing is that it has a sidebar. So you get a lot more vertical space and when you’re like, you know, using the browser. And it also has spaces, which is a really great feature, where you can separate tabs into different groups and then swipe between them so you can focus on school when you want to do school, you know, focus on a specific topic. 

William: Yeah, that sounds really cool! I might switch to using it myself. Is it free?   

Henry: Yes, it’s free. I can send you an invite. 

William: That would be great. Thank you so much! And our second question is  what's one of your favorite songs?

Henry: Hmm, that’s a tricky one, because I don’t really listen to music too much. But I guess one song that I’ve been listening to is a song called “Mumble Rap” by Belly. I think it’s a really beautiful representation of that dichotomy in rap music. It’s got very intelligent, lyrical verses and then like a chorus that you can’t understand, but it’s just full of emotion. I actually first heard the song in Arc Browser’s promotional video for their Boost feature where you can modify the web. And that really made me imprint well with the song.

William: Fascinating! So, what’s one item on your bucket list?

Henry: Something I would definitely like to do at some point in my life is meet Nate Parrott. He’s a designer and a gamification enthusiast who I really look up to. He’s also the lead designer for Arc Browser. For example, he designed this animation here when you reload the page  (Shows Arc Browser reload page). Very beautiful

William: That is beautiful. Is he one of your heroes? 

Henry: He is, he’s really my hero for sure. 

William: Okay, so how have you changed during your time at College Prep? 

Henry: I guess one way I’ve changed is I’ve really become a lot more productive and organized. Like when I first got here, like I had to spend a lot of time on homework just getting organized and like keeping track of things. But since I started using Arc Browser, I really got a lot better at that. Like I can really keep my spaces, you know, separated and be really well organized with a space for a specific project. And I don’t have to waste hours and hours scrolling around just to get started with my homework. 

William: So your tip for the incoming class (laughs) would just be to use Arc Browser? 

Henry: Yeah, that would be the main way to help with time management. 

William: I see. And what’s your favorite memory at CPS? 

Henry: Some of my favorite memories are leading Common Classroom, like getting to know that kind of underclassmen more recently and also getting to like learn from other people. For example, one of my most favorite memories is leading the Arc Browser common classroom, where I got to show the underclassmen how useful it is to use Arc Browser and how much they can improve their lives by doing that.

William: Thank you so much for your time!

Henry: Yes, thank you too. 


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