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2021-2022 Letter from the Editors

Hi Everyone,

We’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to the Letter from the Editors this year by publishing it mid-year. This way, we can share what has happened so far last semester, and how we hope to continue our successes and improve on what we’ve built this coming semester.

Let’s start with the recap. We’ve introduced official columns and are already seeing lots of new additions: from Patrick and Gursimran’s quirky “Adv-Ice” column, which follows in Radar’s long tradition of funny (and occasionally helpful) senior advice columns, to the recent “Encore” column by Richard O’Donnell, which explores the richness of specific musical works. The “Prep News” editorial position from previous years has become two writer-editor positions, leading to the section’s first article in over two years. As is true every semester of Radar, we’ve been most impressed by the incredible content submitted to the paper. The works of student writers and artists of College Prep are what makes Radar exciting and meaningful to read and publish each week—novel ideas like bringing historical perspective into our street signs, powerful and important narratives, including Téa’s “Speak the Change You Wish to See” and Erin’s “What’s in A Name,” and Humans of CPS, the inspiring weekly interviews with CPS students and faculty.

So what about the future? We want to publish more articles from many different members of the student body this semester. For that reason, we’re hoping to bring back the Radar Article Competition from way back in 2020! Look out for more details on the competition in the next few weeks. We’ll also keep publishing regular articles and columns, including the tradition of spotlighting seniors in Humans of CPS during their last semester at College Prep. If there’s something you’d love to see from Radar, we’ve made a form so you can be a part of shaping the future of Radar.

We can’t end this letter without thanking all of the people who make Radar possible. We’re immensely grateful to our section editors, who are the first to provide feedback on every article we publish; to Max Billick, the Opinion editor and former co-editor-in-chief, who has been an invaluable guide and resource in running the paper and continues to write and edit wonderful articles; to Sarah Hernandez, Radar’s faculty advisor, who keeps us on track and interfaces with the administration; to Richard O’Donnell, the social media manager, for consistently bringing Radar to students with well-made promotional material and Instagram posts; to Kalia Lai and Celia Lehmann Duke, the managing editors, who do the most actual editing of anyone at Radar by far, upholding Radar’s standards and helping writers enrich their writing; and finally, to you, our readers, for making this paper worth publishing.

We can’t wait to see what happens in the world of Radar this semester. Never stop surprising us.

Your Co-Editors,

Gabriel Rogow-Patt and Irene Yoon

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