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Humans of CPS: Jai C.

Jai Chandrasekher, Sophomore - Interview Conducted by Rina Huang

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2021: It is the first period of the day, and Monday’s rain in conjunction with the morning dew have left droplets of water on the music lawn benches, but we sit down anyway. The doors to the Music Building are wide open and chamber music flows out, accompanying our conversation. As I begin this year’s fifth interview, I click record. “Welcome, Jai.” The interview has begun…

Rina: What did you want to be when you grew up? How has that changed for you?

Jai: Uh...well, at what age? Maybe, when I was in about in third grade or second grade, I wanted to be a doctor. I guess there were a lot of things I wanted to be back then, though. But uh, I don’t know, I just thought that being a doctor was a good way to contribute to the world. That idea was probably influenced by my parents and my grandparents being like, “Be a doctor so you can make money!” But I guess, as I’ve changed and grown it’s just become more unclear what I want to be? Just because I do have a lot of things I like to do, and I don’t know, I’ve become a bit less sure about what I want to do as an adult.

Rina: What’s your favorite CPS memory? Why?

Jai: My favorite CPS memory... I would have to say probably the second spirit week that we had last year. That was my very first time experiencing the CPS dodgeball tournament. And I just thought that was really cool.

Rina: If you were to recommend one restaurant to anyone, which restaurant would that be? Why?

Jai: Good question. Um, anywhere? Dang. *pause* Yeah, I don’t know, Zachary’s? That’s just what’s coming to mind.

Rina: What skill would you like to have? Why?

Jai: What skill… um, the skill to not procrastinate. Like on work, yeah.

Rina: If you were to get famous one day, what do you think you would be famous for?

Jai: I would like to think I would be famous for...Playing the cello, just because that’s one of the things I like to do.

Rina: I’ve heard that you run track. How did you pick the sport, and how did you start? What’s your favorite event?

Jai: Well, I started doing track in sixth grade. I’ve just always enjoyed running since I was a kid, so I started doing track in sixth grade when I was living in Davis. I moved here and I stopped running track for about two years, and then I came to CPS and I just figured, why not start it up again? What was my favorite event, was the other question? I think I’d have to say the 200. I like the 200 meters because the 100 is like a very short sprint, and the 400 is just– hell. So, that’s kind of like the middle ground.

Rina: And for the last part of the interview, I’m going to give you some quick questions! Starting off with:

Do you think orange is a valid color? Um. I’m ambivalent.

What’s your favorite genre of book? My favorite genre...I do like scifi a lot. I’m reading Dune right now, and that’s a very exciting book. Very long though.

Spoons or forks? Spoons or forks? Uh, is sporks an option? Dang it. Um, forks.

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