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Letter from the Editors

Hello everybody,

Welcome back to College Prep! We hope the year ahead holds great things for all of you. Whether you’re a wide-eyed freshman or a seasoned senior, the Radar is a place for you to contribute to the distinctive (and sometimes…quirky) spirit of our school. Everyone is welcome here, and all articles are fair game. Both an impassioned critique of the stigma surrounding periods and a spirited review of the legendary Bachelor franchise are perfect contributions. We publish articles about anything and everything: whatever you want to read or write. The Radar will remain a reflection of our student body’s interests and opinions, and we encourage any interested student to try their hand at writing an article for us. Developing reporting skills and exercising our right to free speech are critical especially now; after all, regardless of your political views, access to verifiable information is undeniably important in school and in life.

As your editors this year, we hope to continue strengthening the Radar’s role in student life. You’ll see us roll out a host of brand new attractions, from columns and sections to publicity and paper copies. Feel free to stick around for the ride; please join us in what we hope will be a fantastic year in Radar history!

Your co-editors, Grace Corrigan, Tara Parekh, Victor Wu, and Alexandra Blanter

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